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Crestwood Pools Liners

Crestwood's attractive tile border and full print beaded liners are true 20 mil virgin vinyl. Both floor and wall are the same 20 mil material (unlike others who may use a lighter guage for the floor ). The Savannah Tile Sandstone Print is standard and all other patterns below are available as options at an upcharge. Colors can not be reproduced exactly from the original vinyl for presentation on the screen.  
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Cordova Tile ~ 28 mil
Glacier Print ~ 20 mil


Aurora Tile ~ 28 mil
Glacier Print ~ 20 mil


Siesta Tile ~ 20 mil
Diffusion Print ~ 20 mil



Las Olas Tile ~ 28 mil
Diffusion Print ~ 20 mil


Lake Tile ~ 20 mil
Placid Print ~ 20 mil


Medallion Tile ~ 20 mil
Berkeley Print ~ 20 mil




Arden Tile ~ 20 mil
Peabody Print ~ 20 mil
Premium Print


Lancashire Tile ~ 20/28 mil
Beach Pebble ~ 20 & 28 mil


Martinique Tile ~ 20 mil
River Print ~ 20 mil


Miramar Tile ~ 20 mil
Beach Pebble Print ~ 20 mil


Parisian Tile ~ 20 mil
Oceanstone Print ~ 20 mil


Raleigh Tile ~ 20/28 mil
Beach Pebble ~ 20/28 mil


Horizon Tile ~ 20 mil
Diffusion Print ~ 20 mil


Savannah Tile ~ 20/28 mil
Sandstone Print ~ 20/28 mil


Spiral Tile ~ 20/28 mil
Reflections Print ~ 20/28 mil


Hampton Tile ~ 20 mil
Reflections Print ~ 20 mil


Albion Tile ~ 20/28 mil
Sandstone Print ~ 20/28 mil



Durham Tile ~ 20 mil
Diffusion Print ~ 20 mil

Albion Tile ~ 20/28 mil
Sandstone Print ~ 20/28 mil


Grand Tile ~ 20/28 mil
Sand Pebble ~ 20/28 mil


Hudson Tile ~ 20 mil
Placid Print ~ 20 mil


Park Ave Tile ~ 20/28 mil
Sandstone Print~ 20/28 mil


Why we use only non-embossed VIRGIN 20 mil vinyl.
Embossed vinyl varies in thickness, leading to a substandard product that is more apt to rip, wear unevenly or otherwise fail prematurely. The illustration below shows how embossed vinyl measures the thickness of the material at the highest point of the embossing rather than the valley which is the true thickness of the material. That is not an option for Crestwood liners.  All of our  liner material is non-embossed which represents the true thickness. 


Inferior Embossed Vinyl





Non-Embossed Vinyl


Recommendations for Care of Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools
1. Maintain proper water balance.
a. pH in the 7.2 to 7.6 range (extremely important).
b. Total Alkalinity, at approximately 100 -150 ppm.
c. Calcium Hardness at a minimum of 100 ppm.

2. A low pH of less that 7.0 should especially be avoided since it can cause the liner to form wrinkles.  There is a greater risk of wrinkling if the water is not stabilized with a cyanuric acid level of at least 25 ppm. 
3. Chemicals should never be mixed together and added to the pool at the same time.  Certain combinations of chemicals that individually have no effect can cause bleaching of the liner if concentrations are allowed to remain in the vicinity of the liner.  Always allow a chemical to disperse throughout the pool by means of water circulation before adding a second chemical.

4. Never close a pool in the Fall without circulating the pool water for several hours after the final addition of chemicals.  Even liquid chlorine can concentrate in the deep end and cause bleaching if not properly mixed with the rest of the pool.

5. Avoid the use of any abrasive cleaning agents or cleansing aides (ie., steel wool, sharp bristled brushes, scouring pads, etc.)

6. Use only manufacture's recommended vinyl cleaners for cleaning accumulated soil at the water line or other soiled areas.

7. Maintain a 1.0 to 1.5 ppm chlorine level and correct any algae situation as quickly as possible. Algae inhibits your liner's ability to remain resilient and shortens the life of the the liner.  Always use algaecides to avoid bleaching and discoloring.