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" We have had our Crestwood Pool since 1988, and enjoy it each and every summer. It gets alot of use with our 6 children and the only pool in the area. The liner is a little less colorful, but we have not replaced it or the filter. Worth the money." -Kate


" We have our Crestwood pool now for 6 years and we love it. I was a little skeptical at first about spending the extra money for a wood pool, but in hind sight, I'm so glad we did. This pool has held up great, with the only maintenance needing done was restaining the outside once. I installed this pool myself and it was a breeze. Once I got the ground level, it was as easy as putting down a sand base, laying out the pavers and the boards just snapped right in to place. Tighten the bands, put in the liner and it was ready to fill and go. The actually assembly of the pool took only a few hours. I would recommend this pool to anyone looking for an on ground pool. It looks so much nicer than a plastic or aluminum one and you don't have to worry about it collapsing if the kids get too rambunctious." - Matt


" We have had our above ground Crestwood for eleven years. We have nothing but high praise for the great looks that truly enhance the beauty of our yard, plus the fact that there is no maintenance required. Thumbs up and a ***** rating -Howard


" I would just like to say how well my Crestwood pool Liner has held up for us. . . I had a Crestwood pool installed back in 1992 and we have used it every year since. Last year we had two small splits near the top of the pool that I repaired and still used the pool. The pool is still half full and could be used again this year But we feel that with 20 years on the liner it has done its job and is time to replace it. Thanks for having a product that was made to hold up for such a long time. . . . money well spent." - Richard


" I've had my Crestwood pool for 20 years,now. When originally shopping for pools, I was impressed by the natural beauty of the wood sides, and the prospect of it lasting a long time. I haven't been disappointed. Being an amateur gardener, I like how the wood pool blends into the landscape instead of detracting from it. Over the years as the landscape has matured, the wood has weathered only slightly and seems as solid as ever. When this year I needed to replace the liner for the first time, I contacted Crestwood directly. Brian and Rich were very friendly and helpful in getting me the supplies I needed. I recently finished installing the new liner, am pleased with the results, and hope to be enjoying the pool for another 20 years." - Ed


" Just a quick note to thank you for a terrific product. We've owned and enjoyed the (18 x 33) oval pool for 15 years. The vinyl liner is still intact as are the sides and base. Two of the braces on the outside of the pool had begun to rust and needed replacement last fall; you were extraordinarily helpful in providing those parts and also giving us some very good advise about just how to go about the repair. The pool is as good as new and this summer - as in the previous summers - allowed us to cool off in comfort!" - Lori


"My parents purchased a 15' x 30' in 1991. As kids, my sister and I were in it all the time. After we both grew up and moved out, my parents stopped opening it. Last spring, my father and I disassembled the pool and set it up at my house for my family with 3 girls. I own a landscaping business, so the sitework like leveling and pouring the concrete pad was pretty straight forward. I did have to replace the liner. My wife, kids and I did that ourselves, too. It does help to have extra people. My father was good about pressure washing and sealing the wood every couple of years, so I did that this spring. The pool amazingly still looks new and I don't see why I cant get another 20 years out of it. We are really happy with the pool." - Steve, CT